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McKinley | Business Boss

McKinley | Business Boss


Middle School Moguls, tells the exciting story of the new girls at Mogul Academy. Each with their own unique talents, the girls find themselves in a high-tech world of adventure as they work to build businesses, friendships and unforgettable fun! McKinley is an 11-inch fashion doll that comes with a decision making book and a pair of cute glasses.

McKinley is in advanced math classes and on the tennis team. Her friends describe her as the ultimate perfectionist. Sometimes her desire to be perfect has her second-guessing herself, but her besties always have a way of keeping her grounded. McKenna uses her love of math, business and finance to turn any Mogul Academy idea into an overnight success!

  • How her friends would describe her: Fashionable, organized, perfectionist
  • Best Friend: Sunny
  • For Fun: Cheerleading, being with her friends and day trading
  • Mogul Talents: Math, finance, giving amazing presentations

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